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Valentine Day Flower Gift Ideas

06 Dec 2012 by Edward N

For many years, flowers have been a part of most Valentine’s Day gift ideas. The 14th day of February is the busiest day for most florists. They usually offer Valentine’s Day flower gift ideas to their customers. A lot of people are confused in picking the best flower arrangement for their loved ones. But no matter what flower you select for your special someone on Valentine’s Day, as long as you are giving it with a sincere heart, they will surely appreciate it.

Best Flowers for Valentine's Day

Here are some of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day gifts:

Roses: Roses are considered as flowers of true and passionate love. They are a year-round favorite and best-loved flower all over the world. Red roses are the best flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Tulips: Tulips signify perfect love. When you give red tulips to your wife or girlfriend, you are declaring your love for them. They are a great Valentine’s Day gift. Tulips continue to grow even after they are cut. You just have to put in water.

Carnations: Giving a bouquet of carnation to your loved ones during Valentine’s Day gives them the idea of your fascination with them. Carnations are excellent cut flower that lasts for about 3 weeks after being cut. Pink carnation is often associated with the love of a woman.

Primulas: They are the symbol of new life after the gloomy mood of winter. This is a perfect flower to liven up your relationship to your special someone. Primulas come in a variety of colors. They can be planted anywhere and can be given in pots.

Lilacs: They were first cultivated in Europe during the middle of the last century. When you give lilacs to your partner, it is as if you are asking them if they still love you or not—a perfect gift to give as a renewal of love for your partner.

Wildflowers: A wildflower means adoration. Many people are captured by its exotic beauty. They are given as a Valentine’s gift for many years now. 

You can always ask your florist on what flower to give your loved ones during Valentine’s Day. They will always be happy to give you the best that will fit your budget.  Find the best Valentines Day flowers with this helpful guide.

Sending same day Valentine's Day bouquets

28 Nov 2012 by Edward N

There’s really nothing worse than forgetting that it’s Valentine’s Day and you have nothing to give to your special someone. It happens, though, especially if you’re having a very busy stretch at work or school that you haven’t been doing great in keeping up with the dates and are just in a frenzy of completing stuff that needs to be done. Luckily, flowers are always among the best solutions for same day Valentine Day bouquets. Especially with the advent of the internet and online services, you can now find someone who can help you send Valentine’s Day flowers on the very same day despite you forgetting all about the occasion.

Send Same Day Valentines Day Bouquets

Although, it is considered a flaw to forget about important romantic holidays, especially to more traditional couples, there are times that it is inevitable. Some people just get into situations where it is unavoidable to prepare for this day. However, unlike the older days when you can’t just rush into your local flower shop to place an order because they’re already fully booked, today, all you need is to just go online and search for someone who can help you out. The Internet will easily provide the assistance you need, even if your orders are technically made on the eleventh hour.

With the help of certain websites, you can get in touch with local florists who can still accommodate your orders even during the big day itself. It is a very nice and convenience service, as you won’t have to go around the city with your hectic schedule just to find a nice bouquet or flower arrangement to give to your significant other. With these sites, you can just steal a minute or two from your packed day and squeeze in an order for the most beautiful blooms there is.

Valentines Day Flowers Delivered

The best thing about these kind of flower deliveries on Valentines Day is that they can really save you from a big fight because you were too busy to find a gift. Your partner doesn’t even have to know that you only remembered that morning when you stepped out and bumped into people who are carrying bouquets and arrangements on their way to see their loved ones.

Discount Valentine's Day Flowers

12 Nov 2012 by Edward N

If there’s a time of the year that flowers prove to be the most appropriate and timely of gifts, it would be on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing that can spell romance and love than a nice bloom, may it be in a bouquet or in a beautiful flower arrangement. Surprising your loved one with flowers for Valentines Day can really complete your significant other’s day even more special.

However, with the great demand for such products, flowers also tend to be a bit more expensive during the Valentine’s. Of course, many believe that if they love someone, they should be more than willing to spend a little on such holidays. But with the current economic situation, being practical wouldn’t hurt as well. This is why lots of people are now also after discount Valentine's Day flowers.

If you think that there’s no such thing, think again. There are actually a good number of ways how you can find bargains for such products even during the busiest holiday of the year for the industry. 

Cheap Valentines Day Flowers

Some techniques that you can try are the following:

1. Look for coupons. These things are definitely useful in getting the best bargains possible, so be on the lookout for them. Make sure to read the fine print, though, as some companies choose to end their promo right before the V-Day rush.

2. Order in advance. If you can place an order weeks before Valentine’s, you can find yourself set for a more affordable bouquet or flower arrangement.

3. Opt out of roses. Although, roses are the most popular blooms for V-Day, they’re also the most expensive around this time. Choosing other blooms can be a great alternative, though, and may even show off your creativity.

4. Blooming plants can also be an option. Blooming plants are excellent alternatives to bouquets and arrangements and may even prove to be a lot cheaper during the holidays.

These are just some of the tips you can try out when in search for the best flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentine Day Flowers

18 Sep 2012 by Jennifer Stephenhaus

Valentine's Day is an Important Occasion

Valentine Day is a special occasion set aside by all to honor loved ones near and far signifying one’s affection. What normal gifts exchanged during this heartwarming event are flower bouquets.  The flower varieties prepared by florists during this busy day usually depend on the demand of the customers. The most common types are the roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, and the like.  People literally spend millions just to give special bouquet arrangements for their dear loved ones especially on this day.

Though blooms have their distinctive charm, the colors that they are bearing are also being considered by meticulous clients.  Deep red, pink, or coral hues mean passionate love, and strength of character as portrayed by red roses or pink carnations. Yellow lilies or orchids on the other hand display a cheerful and playful mood. Elegance and innocence is embodied well by white roses and similar florets.

Lovely Balloons, Chocolates, and Stuffed Animals

For those who wanted a simpler arrangement, a supplementary gift of chocolates, balloons or stuffed animals are often paired with the bouquet. Florists make sure to include these choices more so on Valentine’s Day.  Blossoms in every flower shop are highly priced on this day too as most people still regard the giving of flowers to special people more romantic and definitely exceeds traditions.

Ordering of bouquets during this time should be booked earlier to avoid shortage of flower supply and delivery problems. One can also give out specific instructions clearly if the order was done early.  There will also be clients who are particular about certain types of blooms that they want in the arrangement that they have requested. Make sure that these flowers can be availed of easily to avoid further problems that would only lead to disappointments.

Above all, let us remember that the gesture of giving is already an act of genuine love towards your families and friends. Let us stick to that endearing thought over than the physical attributes of the dainty flower bouquet.

Roses are Red: Valentine's Day Flowers

18 Sep 2012 by Constatine Chloros

Roses are red...and so is Valentine’s Day.  Experts stress that red is the color or love, which explains the dominance of the hue on February 14th. But giving the same bouquet every year may melt the excitement of the receiver. When a bunch of red roses becomes an ordinary sight, the gift turns to something overrated.  While giving roses is customary, women are sure to appreciate something new.

Getting in cahoots with a trusty florist and whip out something new this Valentine’s is a good start. However, you also have to research about the underlying meaning of blossoms. This will reveal a whole new myriad of choices that can wow the recipient.  Red roses, for instance, speaks “I love you.” But it may also say, “I did not put too much thought in my gift so I just settled with this bouquet.”  

Here are top notch alternative for the usual posy:

1. Sunflowers - loyalty, joy, purity, and vibrant
2. Daisies - undying love, faith, and innocent beauty
3. Tulips - romanticism, secret admiration, sincerity
4. Orchids - refined beauty and sophistication
5. Pink Carnation – devotion, attachment, and deeply-rooted care
6. Yellow roses – happiness, friendship, undying love, apology.

February 14 marks the parade of the most exquisite floras on many shops. Truth is, no other season can top the volume of flowers purchased on Valentine’s. This gives anyone a chance to break free from the typical bouquets. If you want to stick with roses, play with colors and make an arrangement with pink, yellow, white or peach blooms.  If you aim to be deviant, then always go for flowers with delicate and feminine hues. This is not an easy task, but that’s what the florists are there for. Take some advice and pull some heartstrings, more than cupid probably can.