Best Local Valentine's Day Flowers

Roses are Red: Valentine's Day Flowers

18 Sep 2012 by Constatine Chloros

Roses are red...and so is Valentine’s Day.  Experts stress that red is the color or love, which explains the dominance of the hue on February 14th. But giving the same bouquet every year may melt the excitement of the receiver. When a bunch of red roses becomes an ordinary sight, the gift turns to something overrated.  While giving roses is customary, women are sure to appreciate something new.

Getting in cahoots with a trusty florist and whip out something new this Valentine’s is a good start. However, you also have to research about the underlying meaning of blossoms. This will reveal a whole new myriad of choices that can wow the recipient.  Red roses, for instance, speaks “I love you.” But it may also say, “I did not put too much thought in my gift so I just settled with this bouquet.”  

Here are top notch alternative for the usual posy:

1. Sunflowers - loyalty, joy, purity, and vibrant
2. Daisies - undying love, faith, and innocent beauty
3. Tulips - romanticism, secret admiration, sincerity
4. Orchids - refined beauty and sophistication
5. Pink Carnation – devotion, attachment, and deeply-rooted care
6. Yellow roses – happiness, friendship, undying love, apology.

February 14 marks the parade of the most exquisite floras on many shops. Truth is, no other season can top the volume of flowers purchased on Valentine’s. This gives anyone a chance to break free from the typical bouquets. If you want to stick with roses, play with colors and make an arrangement with pink, yellow, white or peach blooms.  If you aim to be deviant, then always go for flowers with delicate and feminine hues. This is not an easy task, but that’s what the florists are there for. Take some advice and pull some heartstrings, more than cupid probably can.