Best Local Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine Day Flower Gift Ideas

06 Dec 2012 by Edward N

For many years, flowers have been a part of most Valentine’s Day gift ideas. The 14th day of February is the busiest day for most florists. They usually offer Valentine’s Day flower gift ideas to their customers. A lot of people are confused in picking the best flower arrangement for their loved ones. But no matter what flower you select for your special someone on Valentine’s Day, as long as you are giving it with a sincere heart, they will surely appreciate it.

Best Flowers for Valentine's Day

Here are some of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day gifts:

Roses: Roses are considered as flowers of true and passionate love. They are a year-round favorite and best-loved flower all over the world. Red roses are the best flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Tulips: Tulips signify perfect love. When you give red tulips to your wife or girlfriend, you are declaring your love for them. They are a great Valentine’s Day gift. Tulips continue to grow even after they are cut. You just have to put in water.

Carnations: Giving a bouquet of carnation to your loved ones during Valentine’s Day gives them the idea of your fascination with them. Carnations are excellent cut flower that lasts for about 3 weeks after being cut. Pink carnation is often associated with the love of a woman.

Primulas: They are the symbol of new life after the gloomy mood of winter. This is a perfect flower to liven up your relationship to your special someone. Primulas come in a variety of colors. They can be planted anywhere and can be given in pots.

Lilacs: They were first cultivated in Europe during the middle of the last century. When you give lilacs to your partner, it is as if you are asking them if they still love you or not—a perfect gift to give as a renewal of love for your partner.

Wildflowers: A wildflower means adoration. Many people are captured by its exotic beauty. They are given as a Valentine’s gift for many years now. 

You can always ask your florist on what flower to give your loved ones during Valentine’s Day. They will always be happy to give you the best that will fit your budget.  Find the best Valentines Day flowers with this helpful guide.